Sunday, June 4, 2017

Truth Badge Against Global Ignorance

Eight People Own More Wealth Than 3.6 Billion People of the Bottom Half of the Population. It is Mass Global Ignorance!  

LNN Publishing Company Title FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER Author says could change the life of any person, anywhere, regardless of faith in Jesus to save a soul. Something is wrong when eight people own more wealth than 3.6B people of the bottom portion of the population. It all relates to how a person thinks! What do you want for your life? Book is a Prerequisites to enrollment.

When eight people own more wealth than half the world population; this is mass ignorance on a global scale. I have been issued a TRUTH BADGE from the truest book on the planet, the Holy Bible. It is not required to know the SOURCE of the Bible as God, Deity, Lord, or Savior to get His benefits of the material substance of this life, such as money, houses, mansions, opulence, prosperous businesses, millionaire, or billionaire status. All is required is to follow the principles in the Bible as to how a person should think, speak in certain tense a certain way, believe, use proper faith (most use faith in reverse), and act. If these things are done based on the non-physical seed, which is an idea. It will blossom like a natural seed grow when planted in the earth. Other forces begin to take over with the natural seed once it unites with the earth. Also, other effects start to take over when a person know what he or she want and follow the principles of the truest book on the planet; the Holy Bible.

God has given me His TRUTH BADGE to arrest ignorant and eliminate lack, poverty, scarcity, and help a person to live the life of his or her dreams on a global scale. My speech will not always be pleasant to the ears of those in these conditions because what I am speaking against are spirits who has no desire to leave the person they have embodied their invisible bodies. I forewarn all, your nightmare that was created by you, and you only will not end overnight. A complete cleansing of the mind must first occur, but before the cleansing, everyone must learn and understand how their lives developed into what they are now before restitution for a makeover is possible.

Here is the beginning of eliminating lack, poverty, scarcity, and help a person to live the life of his or her dreams on a global scale. You have in front of you the power to change your life from my research of the truest book on the planet. The choice is yours to remain in your current state or decide to end the nightmare you created forever, finally! A simple book as Christ Himself, with a blueprint from God how to acquire the best life should offer. God is no respect of person. He will honor His Word for whosoever; whether they believe in Him as God, Deity, Lord, or Savior. Ask Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, both agnostics but are the number one and number three richest men in the world. No one can attain the wealth they have amassed outside the Holy Bible! It all deals with the way a person thinks! Here is the blueprint from God.

No one will ever teach this simple but powerful revelation how to CREATE any MATTER from thought in any prestigious university in the world. It would ruin the system they have in place to keep society enslaved from the cradle to the grave. It is time to free yourself! Own the book, FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER, and change your world. It has the power to make a person a millionaire or a billionaire if that is your desire


We as a people must end this world ignorance by getting educated with TRUTH from the truest book in the land- the Holy Bible. Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi made their statements from the Holy Bible. Buddha- "What you are is what you have been. Who you will be is what you do now." Gandhi- "A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes." Proverbs 23:7 from the mouth of the real GOD. A blueprint to accomplished anything that a person can believe from his thoughts; and give creative physical life to his or her ideas! 

"FIVE STEPS," is a book with a genuine source of where those famous men discovered the secret to their profound statements. A book that will change your world, if read, and do as the book instructs and follow the action steps. Incorporate perseverance, self-discipline, and determination into your life. You will succeed!


I make no claims of promises to any person. Neither I, Larry Jones Training, Coaching, & Empowerment Center (LJTC&EC) nor anyone working for (LJTC&EC) will be the reason they get what they want. It will be because of God. Moreover, I do not know the inner thoughts held captive within a person mind; only God knows the true thoughts, speech, beliefs, faith, and actions of an individual. Therefore, if what a person seeks is not attained, the fault lies in the thought patterns of that person, not LJTC&EC, the owners, or God, and we will not be held accountable (James 4:3). Please come with an open mind to learn the concepts of the Bible and allow God time to give life to your dream!The same disclaimer for FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER. 

Friday, February 12, 2016


Many of you know about my book, some of you have downloaded my book, and refused to read and apply the principles explained in ‘FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER’ or even acknowledge a review. Your life is in the same shape as it was in 2014, 2015 and no changes shall occur in 2016 because the thinking you do is out of alignment with God. How many more years will it take before understanding come to you that my book is what you need to turn your life around? What is on the cover of my book is true!
God has now given Larry Jones Training, Coaching, and Empowerment Center creative life from my speech that I believed. It is FIVE STEPS book on steroids to teach people for a fee how to have the life of his/her dream. You can do the same from the book on your own! Click the link below and see what my goals are that I am pursuing daily to accomplish.  
FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER is a book that shall pass down through generations. In addition, a book that shall never go into the Halls of the Forgotten, when once read. Click the link and own a copy, not to do so; you are seriously handicapping your life. I legislate that people all over the world are clicking this link and downloading the book into his/her reading device. If you own an Amazon Kindle Reader HD Fire, or Nook, or any type of smart phone, “FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR Life FOREVER,” shall find your device and you shall own this book! If you own a desktop computer, or an IPad, or a laptop, or any other type of electronic reading device, “FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER,” shall find your device and you shall own this book! Why should you own this book? It is a book that is remodeling the lives of endless billions of people financial worth, personal relationships, happiness and peace of mind, and helping to achieve an enriched life by learning how to think correctly to acquire what he/she is seeking. Zero from zero equals zero. What you give energy to will grow. Spiritually speaking, faith without works is dead. I come to you straight without a chaser with my speech!

The choice is yours to do something now for your life or continue the life you are living. If you are satisfied with the life, you are living, great! However, if you are not satisfied with the life you are living, here is an opportunity to do something to attain the life you desire, and to remove the life you have that you hate from your life.
Click the link to see my goals for 2016:



Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Five Steps to Reinvent Your Life Forever did For Me in The Past and What This Book Is Doing Today for Me Today in My Present

December of 1999 around Christmas time, I was working for Ryder Logistics, driving 18 wheels' diesel trucks delivering food. I was working normal shifts of 13 and 14 hours every day. If I worked 8 hours, I felt like I had not worked at all. Christmas time you want to be home. It was rainy, wet, cold and a mess driving into some bad places making deliveries. I remember clearly that evening, the words I voiced out of my mouth, loud and with passion of what changes I would have in my life the next year, because I was angry, mad and had my full of the life I was living and working.  These are the words I spoke, “Next year will not be the same as this year. I will have a job wearing nice cloths to work, making good money, working only 8-hours a day. A job that pays good money, to help my wife and we buy a nice home.”

My wife was working for Bank One, now Chase. We were in Louisiana and always wanted to move to Texas, but could not afford the finance to move. Coming to Texas was a miracle. My wife had applied for a position in Texas but did not have the qualification. She asked what she had to do to qualify for the position. Long story short, my wife found favor with every bank she was working in as a Part-Time Teller in Louisiana, going from bank to bank and working over 40 hours a week. A position open in Louisiana for a Personal Banker, no one applied. In six months’ time, she learned all phases of the banking systems. A position came open in Dallas for a call-center job for an Analyst Position to work the South West and West Regions. Bank, tellers, and employees of the bank would call in with their problems and it was the responsibility of the Analyst to provide the solution. My wife applied for the job. She requested a $7,500 raise to make the move. The bank refused the first time. The bank tried to make her accept a lower pay hike, my wife refused and they called her back and told her she had the job. 

We wanted to move to Texas but did not have the funds, God open the door with a $7,500 pay raise for my wife new position. The bank put us up in a 1350 sq. ft. apartment on Arbrook, in Arlington for five months.  My wife had the better job working normal hours for Bank One and her salaried was $33,000 a year. My salary at Ryder was about $36,000. We had about $70,000 of income between the both of us in 2000.

We rented a mobile home in Balch Spring, Texas. We lived in a mobile home in Louisiana and we were tired of the mobile home living and this is why I said Christmas time in 1999, “Next year will not be the same as this year. I will have a job wearing nice cloths to work, making good money, working only 8-hours a day. A job that pays good money, to help my wife and we buy a nice home.” Those words change the course of my life in the next six months. June 2000, a Fortune 500 company hired me as an Electronic Computer Technician, and my wife, as Customer Service Representative. My wife, were connected to the company first. She kept looking for a better job for me, and the same company was looking for computer technicians, which I did qualify. I applied, and I was working before my wife. My wife came on a week or two later. God did as I spoke what I believed out of my mouth. While I would drive for Ryder, I had plenty of time to study the Bible and learn its principles. I put it to use in June 2000 for a new job. Our income changed from about $70,000 in six months to almost a $100,000. That put us able to purchase a home. Both of us working for a Fortune 500 company, our income soared in a short time.

Listen to this testimony about the house. We had our share of the mobile home living and wanted a nice brick home. I always said and my wife agreed that we wanted a home of no less than 3,000 or more sq. ft. We attempted to purchase a home two times and lost our earnest money because the home we settled for was not the size we wanted in our hearts. The first home was for 2750 sq. ft. The second home was for 2900 sq. ft. Both times, we threw away $500.00. On the third home, it was a 3100-sq. ft. we paid I think $1200 down. We were happy with the size of this home. We do not know what happen or how it happens but the home we ended up with was 3461 sq. ft. We got the square footage we wanted.

The last thing we wanted was a 30-year note. We purpose through the concept and principle in Five Steps to Reinvent Your Life Forever, as I did for a better job to help my wife and we buy a home together. Move to Texas under the principles of the book. Purchase our home under the principles and teachings in the book. Lastly, we applied the principles and teachings in the book to pay off a 30-year mortgage in 141/2 years. Our loan for the house we purchased in 2000 now says paid in full. No way, we said we would not carry the note for 30-years. We applied the principles and teachings from the Word of God. God does not lie. None of this was over night. You see the years in between but the results are sure. I am now building a 2-billion dollar church empire under the same concept. From this book, I have created Larry Jones Training, Coaching, and Empowerment Center to show other how to give life to whatever they can believe they can do. No matter the cost, material needed or people required for the project. You can do the same from the book on your own!

Pay attention to what I am about to say. No human in the earth thinks outside the information, in FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER. It does not matter if a person believes in God, Jesus Christ or not.  All humans think under the teachings of this book to give life to his or her idea. Ironically, most humans have not this understanding and they think, speak and act in such a way sending everything they wish in his or her life away. In reverse draw things in his or her life, they hate or do not want. The aim of this book is show how thoughts, your thoughts are affecting your life and what must be done if you wish some different to happen in your life.

Note: I have been out of the work force for 3-years. I have just re-entered the work force about 8-months (Oct 2014 - June 2015) ago to make myself known and change the lives of those around me! The short time I reentered the workforce, I discovered the spirit of poverty is deeply rooted in the mindsets of the majority of the human race. I have a challenging task ahead, but God has equipped me to man up against the demons of lack, shortages, poverty, and scarceness with His Creative Power on a spiritual level.    

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Coaching Session to Anyone Not A Christian

If you are Buddhist, a Hindu, a Baha’i, an Atheist, an Agnostic, or a Jew worshipper who adamantly rejects the Holy Bible and all that it teaches, this coaching session is for you. The coaching session here deals only with stuff and things from statements made in the Holy Bible. All from a God who cannot lie and who will give physical life and substance to any idea, thought, goal, plan, want, dream, desire or vision of any person who fit any category listed. It can be 1 billion, 2 billion, 3 billion, or 4 billion people, all with different ideas, but the rejected Christ is still reaching out to discredit the lies known about Him by giving away stuff and things to whosoever can believe the statements He made in the Holy Bible. Your idea could cost a billion dollars and He will give that to you as well, if you only believe.

Visit for coaching sessions to the non-believers of this training on how they can become wealthy. To believers, I have a coaching session for you “Do You Believe God?” on my Video page,

I am going to change the conversation for a moment to say something the entire world needs to hear especially those who call themselves representatives of Jesus and have given the wrong impression of what He will do, but you must be a Christian. The average preacher is too busy preaching and teaching to so-called church folk who are a huge gathering of faithless people in the God they claim they worship. The average Christian lives a simple, mundane, mediocre, and an uninterested life when they should be the movers and the shakers in the world, because of the God they claim to know. The average preacher, not all, but most are the most arrogant, high and mighty, (secretly faithless) person you can meet and are very unapproachable.

I teach the principles of God to all, non-believers and believers, because God has no favorite when it comes to giving out stuff and things. The message and coaching are entirely different for eternal life in peace after death. God has favorites for whom He will give eternal life in peace unto after death by the principles of His Word. The playing field here is an entirely different field to play the game with God. However, for stuff and things, the playing field is the same, as you shall see from this coaching session.

In this teaching, I am coaching the Buddhist, the Baha’i, the Hindu, the Jew, the Atheist, or any Agnostic believer to accept the book God gave to the world, the Holy Bible. A book with principles to live wealthy, healthy and have any opulent lifestyle they can imagine would be theirs. The only reason it will not happen is because people do not honestly believe the statements Jesus made in the Bible. What gives me this idea? It’s the simple, mundane, mediocre, and uninterested lifestyles that partly God’s entire kingdom lives. They do not believe the Word of God. The rejected Christ is reaching out to everyone in the world taught from birth to reject the Holy Bible or anyone connected with Christianity. It is to prove a point of how misguided and misinformed every person in the earth who was taught to reject the name of Jesus or the Holy Bible can be. He also reaches out to anyone connected to Christianity by giving away of stuff and things. To any human, anywhere in the world with full rejection of Jesus Christ as a God, the Deity, a Savior, or the Son of God, this coaching is for you.

If you are in the category described in this article, you can become a wealthy person, own an empire of your choosing, or give life to any idea, goal, plan, wish, want, dream, desire, or vision from the statements made by the rejected Christ in the Holy Bible. The rejected Christ will never lie and not fulfill the statements He has made in the Holy Bible if a person does as the Bible asks. His Word is sacred, and He will prove it to “whosoever” allows Him the opportunity to perform His goodness in his/her life by taking Him at His Word and doing as He instructs.  Jesus gave the same Word to His followers, but many are unable to believe the statements He made to them. The rejected Christ is coming to non-believers to change their lives by teaching and coaching through me on how to communicate to the rejected Christ. He will give physical life to any idea, any plan, any goal, any want, any dream, or any vision that is good and not evil, by the statements made in this coaching session to non-believers. It does not matter how costly the project, how complex the dream, or how big the idea, as long as persons know what they want, the rejected Christ will transform their idea into the physical counterparts of their thoughts or the financial equivalent of their thoughts.

Jesus, who cannot lie, will give physical life to a billion people with a billion different ideas if they do as He asks. Give Him time to rearrange their thinking to think as He thinks, talk as He talks, have faith as He had and still have faith, believe as He believes, act as He would act, and the result of your vision will become a physical thing created out of thought or idea of a non-physical seed.

These coaching sessions are to show “whosoever” that regardless of where they live on the planet, and regardless of belief in Jesus as God, Deity, Son of God, or Lord and Savior, Jesus would honor the statements made in the Bible. A person would need to have an open mind to receive the coaching in my videos, and purchase FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER to establish a blue-print from God in his/her mind. Absorb all the other teachings I have on the subject that, Jesus, who is God, will give physical life to the desire of whoever took Him at His Word. Whatever your plan, goal, dream, desire, wish, want or vision is, the rejected Christ will accept your idea and turn it into a physical thing if you take Him at His Word and give time for your idea to grow. Your mindset toward Jesus will change and there will no longer  be any more dislike, rejection, hatred, or ill feelings whatsoever toward Him. In addition, you will become a witness for Jesus – that He is a good God, a God who forces no one to worship Him and He will still give all the wealth you can believe Him to give.

In closing, this only works for stuff or things. There are no favorites to God to give good things to anyone. All a person has to do is believe the statements made in the Bible. His goodness is what leads to repentance as spoken in Romans 2: 4, “Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?” All those years of hating Jesus, He never gave up on you, and God sent me to help you learn the truth about His Son, Jesus. Now you know first-hand that the lies that came from your parents, society, and institutions of higher learning they were really wrong because Jesus has proved Himself directly to you, and no one can make you continue to believe the lies that are said about Him.

Enjoy the coaching and purchase the book to change your life forever.